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Latest Articles

Leadership in Today’s World

In deciding what I wanted to write about in this article, I have chosen to write about leadership in today's world. I am not talking specifically about 21st century leadership or even leadership over...

Ten Leadership Theories in Five Minutes

In Ten Leadership Theories in Five Minutes, Professor Michael Zigarelli does a fast and furious - but very effective - job of identifying the top styles of leadership and our understanding of them over...

Can Leadership Be Learned?

Many people wonder: “Can leadership be learned?”. When leadership first became an area of study, people assumed that you were either born a leader or not. It was called “The Great Man Theory”. However,...

The Secret to Building the Trust of the Team

When it comes to building the trust of the team, you - the leader - have a number of tools at your disposal. Leading by example is one of them, as is being honest...

Video Spotlight: Obama’s Speech to Future Leaders

In our first video spotlight, we'd like to take the opportunity to showcase Barack Obama's Speech to the Class of 2020, for their virtual graduation during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the message in the video...

How to Lead by Example

Anyone who served in the military can tell you one fundamental truth about leadership - lead by example or forget about being respected as a leader. How to lead by example has been a...

4 Characteristics of Authentic Leadership

One way I put leadership theory in practice is by being an authentic leader; not only in words but also in action. While finishing one of my leadership courses within my Masters program, I...

Do You See Yourself As a Future Leader?

Do you see yourself as a future leader? A simple question isn’t it? On the surface, the answer may be as easy as “yes” or “no”. However, this is not something to take lightly....

Transformational Leadership Theory

Transformational Leadership Theory has been around for over forty years. The first recognized book written on transformational leadership was called “Leadership” by James MacGregor Burns and was published in 1978. Since then, there have...

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