Who We Are

Online Leadership Network is dedicated to helping new leaders and those who aspire to leadership acquire strong, ground-level leadership skills and become true leaders. We focus on techniques and strategies that are practical and usable, allowing one to see improvement in their leadership ability even as they learn.

Gregory Bobkiewicz

Gregory is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces where he coaches and instructs leadership, as well as combat and field skills. As a member of the military, he took part in a number of domestic and international operations, including tours of duty overseas. In his role, he coaches both officers and enlisted members and has helped design courses and military field training programs, including their leadership components. His previous roles include a martial arts instructor and head of IT department at a local TV channel. His leadership style focuses on developing strong foundations, objective self-awareness and the understanding of one’s role in an organization.

Our Focus

In helping new leaders become confident and successful, we focus on three areas of development:

Self-awareness and self-improvement

Being organized, being presentable, body language, time management, confidence, etc.

Practical aspects of leading a team

Decision making, leading by example, setting and enforcing rules and boundaries, communication, etc.

Working with followers

Evaluating, motivating, developing, inspiring, empowering, evaluating, etc.

Our unique method is a strong combination of the best techniques taken from the corporate and the military leadership training. It has been developed by Gregory Bobkiewicz (long time military leader), who combined his years of experience in those two respective environments where he has been coaching and teaching new leaders and developing them from the ground up.

How to Be a Leader
How to Be a Leader