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How to Be a Leader Book

If you haven’t checked out the book yet, be sure to do so here! It is the best way to start your leadership career, as it prepares you for the role of a leader from the ground up and teaches you all the crucial fundamentals that you need to know, while letting you practice as you learn.

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  1. I recently read “How to be a Leader”, by John Maloney and Gregory Bobkiewicz, and I recommend it as a great basic primer for new leaders.

    I personally know of several good people from over the years who were promoted into leadership because they exceled at their work, only to struggle because they didn’t have the skills and experience as leaders. As the authors point out, leadership is a learned skill. And so this book is a practical resource for anyone who is a new leader and/or is interested in exploring leadership – a starting point, to delve into the important skills needed for leading. And if you are already a leader and just need a good review, this is for you too.

    The book is an easy read and flows well. Each chapter ends with action items to reinforce the primary concepts and also to provide a focus to apply within your own particular context. The examples provided demonstrate the concepts well, are easy to understand and are relatable.

    I especially appreciate that the book promotes leadership as a skill to be practiced; so read the book, and flex your leadership muscles!

  2. This was a well-thought-out book. I enjoyed the bullet points at the end of each chapter making it easy to find any quick reference I need to look up. I like how it started with me and then went on into the real life situations of the workplace environment. I was also surprised at how well the military and the workplace were identical. It was an easy read I really enjoyed it.

  3. “How to Be A Leader” was the name of a book written by two gentlemen I have known for a very long time and have a lot of respect for. Healthy leadership is something they have always had a real good grasp on and I have been fortunate enough to have many discussions and learned a great deal. I am A Child Youth Care Counselor and have had a 28 year career. Leadership is a topic I have taken seriously and try to teach those that I have blessed to serve. This book is a new way to understated leadership and may even challenge some of your own ideas. This is a great break down with concrete examples and explanations. A couple areas I really enjoyed were Never Stop Learning which speaks about being “adapt or become irrelevant”(from the book Pge48). I identified with the story connected and it reminded me that part of my life journey has been learning and adapting. The other area I enjoyed was “Lead By Example” (From the book Pge59). This area has another great example in a story and goes on to effectively explain why leading by example can help those you feel you are one of them. This book is an easy read and I enjoyed reading it and sharing some of the things I have learned with my team.

  4. This book is an excellent overview of leadership and covers the essentials of becoming a leader in any number of settings. Whether you are a seasoned expert seeking to review your skills, or a beginner looking for a place to begin, the authors have provided the necessary information to get you moving in the right direction.

  5. An easy read, the authors write in a very clear yet personal style. The book shows the different leadership experiences that the authors have been through. The action point sections gives exercises that help train budding leaders while giving a quick reference about the chapter. John and Greg builds a solid foundation for beginning leaders while experienced leaders will find items that will enhance their leadership style. If you are just starting a leadership position or have led people for awhile, this book is for you.

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